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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bye Definition: Surfacing in the Kitchen

A few more examples of the idiocy that began in Bye Definition:

Draining Board - the exhaustive ennui emanating from washing-up

Microwave - very small hand gesture

Toaster - something that disturbs part of the foot 

cupboard - being sick of tea

Tea Towel - predatory nocturnal bird with a penchant for bosoms 

Hob - half a biscuit

Freezer - the start of the song "Freezer Jolly Good Fellow"

Waste Disposal - a slimming device 

cutlery - having a tendency to cut things

crockery - having a tendency to break down 

Whisk - a chance taken by Jonathan Ross 

clingfilm - the sort of movie that you really would like to forget, but just can't 

spatula - a rather camp argument 

colander: obscure TV detective series, set in the Netherlands, notable for the plot being full of holes