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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Undertaking A Trip Abroad

A bit of a story about my Undertakers taking a trip abroad, seems to have developed a life of its own and has now expanded to 12 episodes to date.  If you would like to pick up the story from the start, then you can find Episode 1 here:

Episode 1 of Bring Out Your Dead

If you're the sort of person who just likes to skip to the latest bit, then you can find the newly published Episode 12 here:

Episode 12 of Bring Out Your Dead

I would modestly say that this is the best one of the lot so far, but you can be the judge ;-)

Any comments, criticisms or helpful hints would be more than welcome, as of course would any publishing contracts and expressions of lifetime devotion!

Hope you enjoy the tale.

If a brief summary of the story so far will help, Josiah Oakshott and his assistant, Archibald Thurble are travelling to Spain to bring back the mortal remains of Sir Lewisham Carnock.  Due to a regrettable misunderstanding, they were ejected from their flight at Paris Charles de Gaulle and had to make the rest of the journey to Alicante by coach.  Lawrence and Amber Hamble were on the same flight and decided to leave it at Paris CDG because of fears over terrorism, they too travelled on by the same coach, much to Amber's disgust.  Now in Alicante, Lawrence and Amber are staying overnight in a hotel until alternative accommodation can be found.  Josiah and Archibald find that Sir Lewisham's remains are not at the Alicante mortuary as expected but are, instead, being held at a local undertakers' in Castilliano de la Ribera.  D.I. Wood and D.S. Stone, who were on the same flight, did complete the flight to Alicante but have found that the prisoner they were supposed to pick up isn't at Alicante Police Station but is also being held at Castilliano de la Ribera.  Now read on...