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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Win a signed hard copy - 3rd edition of the quiz

In celebration of Steady Past Your Granny's selling its 2000th Kindle edition, I'm offering a signed hard copy of the book to the first correct answer, received by 23.59 BST on 9th September, 2011, to the following simple question, the answer to which can be found in this blog.:
Which Balearic island did I visit in the 'Forty Years On' series of posts (which start at 'Forty Years On - Putting A Lid On It')?
In the event of more than one correct entry, the first one drawn out of my rather disreputable hat will win the prize.  The author's decision is entirely arbitrary, often wayward and decidedly final! Post your entry as a Comment, which will only be published after the deadline. Good luck!

And the answer was...Majorca (or Mallorca if you prefer).  As this quiz once again failed to trouble the scorers, I now seem to be in the classic situation of being unable to give the book away ;-)  Clearly a different marketing strategy is required...would it help if I burst into tears?