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Friday, 13 August 2010

On Being Knackered

At one time, my writing was pretty well limited to scribbling silly verses in the birthday cards of family and friends (many of you may wish it still was).  Most of these have mercifully been long since tossed into the great recycling bin in the sky, but one surfaced in my memory the other day and I thought I would share it with you.  I rather think this would work as a musical monologue:

This seems an appropriate moment,
To tell a truth oft left unsaid,
That just when you think
That you’re in the pink,
You’ll find that you’re knackered instead.

There’s no point in trying to deny this,
If you’re knackered, you’re knackered, no doubt,
You will find this is right,
If you wake in the night
And discover that sleep’s tired you out.

If making a point makes you dizzy,
If you jump to conclusions, and fall,
If it makes you feel weak,
To go for a leak,
Or to answer a telephone call,

Then you’re knackered my friend, but be thankful,
For I’ll tell you this one thing for free,
When they come to apportion,
The scales of exhaustion,
You ain’t half as knackered as me!

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