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Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Burtonian-English Phrase Book - Part 2

A few more handy phrases for those stumbling into the dark recesses of the East Midlands:
Ah toadim
I advised him
Buree wunner lissen
Nevertheless, he ignored my advice
E wunner dothat, woody?
Surely he will refrain from that course of action
E willenhall
He may well do that
Eez no good tilleez adiz beer
He only reaches peak performance when inebriated
Ahv addit upter ear
I have reached a point of no return
Ahm chocker
I am somewhat depressed

Arl goaterther futof ahr stairs!
I am quite surprised!
Eel catchiz deafof cowd
I fear for his health in this weather
Gerroff, eez nesh
Not at all, he has a heightened sensitivity to cold conditions
Gerrerway wivyer
I do not believe you
Eel do izzelfa mischief
I fear he may strain himself
Eez urtizelf
As predicted, he is injured

Dunner be mardy
Do not over dramatise the extent of the pain

You can find Part 1of this helpful primer by clicking on the link, and more from Phil Whiteland in e-book format - Steady Past Your Granny's