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Friday, 24 January 2014

Talking to myself?

So how did the free book promotion go for Crutches for Ducks?

It's kind of you to ask.  Pretty well, actually.  Certainly better than I expected.  Over 350 copies were downloaded worldwide, which isn't bad for just a 24 hour promotion.

Where did all of those go to?

Well, 174 went to .com readers, 162 to people, 8 were picked up at .ca and 4 at .de.  There were also odd copies downloaded at .it. .fr and .au.  So many thanks to everyone who did bag a free copy and I hope they enjoy it.

Was a bit surprised to see you offer your largest and most expensive book, for free!

Yes, me too!  In all honesty, it wasn't the original intention.  I had intended to offer the latest book, A Kick at the Pantry Door for free, but I hadn't allowed for the fact that you can't do that and run a Kindle Countdown promotion in the same period.  Curses!

What about Steady Past Your Granny's?  That would have seemed like no-brainer as a free promotion?

Yes, you would think, wouldn't you?  Unfortunately, Steady Past Your Granny's is still currently available on Smashwords (not that it has ever done any good on there), so it is ineligible for the Kindle Select program which rules out any free promotions, at present.

Have you seen any benefit from the promotion?

Oddly enough, yes!  Crutches for Ducks has been selling (modestly) both at .com and  A couple of copies have even been borrowed via Kindle Prime, and that's never happened before.  It was also (very briefly) at #1 in the Humorous Essays chart :-)

So, it was all worthwhile then?

Yes, I think so.  It was fun while it lasted (like so many things) and it generated a great 5 star review I might as well face it, I'm addicted to Phil Whiteland!  On the downside, I've realised that I've made a complete doo-doo of the whole thing.

Why's that?

Well, the main intention was to bring A Kick at the Pantry Door to the attention of the readers.  Unfortunately, I've now realised that none of my books have a link to this, currently, so I've snatched defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

Well done.  Finally, do you think you ought to be concerned that you're apparently talking to yourself?

No, not at all.  Of course, you probably should be.