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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Addicted to reviews!

I'm delighted that my 'duck' book has received this fantastic 5 star review from the lovely Brenda Perlin:

"The author has a clever way of delivering a book full of fun and laughs. "Crutches For Ducks" is such a lovely, easy escape that I found myself laughing out loud and just feeling joyful reading about these off the wall predicaments. These stories are light hearted and seems to make fun at just about any one possible. Even the author himself which is the most fun. I love how the everyday mundane things can be made into a hysterical situation. I am a true fan and have really enjoyed and have been entertained by all of the authors works.

This nostalgic adventure where we go back in time is so darn entertaining and the old photographs are priceless!. I could relate to some of the stories even though I am a female, not a male and from the United States, not the United Kingdom.

This book is filled to the brim with brilliantly witty quotes which makes it very difficult to share just one but here you go...

"I only fully realised just how much the telephone was now an essential part of everyday life when I inadvertently left my mobile phone in my car the other day. I was at the gym (yes, I know it seems unlikely but bear with me) and my wife had taken the car to go shopping, not knowing that my phone was on the back seat. I felt cut off from the known world. Goodness knows why, given that nobody ever rings me, and the only texts that pass backward and forward tend to be of the rather mundane "I'm here. I'll let you know when I'm leaving" variety. For my daughter and the generations following her, it would take radical surgery to part them from their mobile phones and I'm sure they could not envisage a world in which such things didn't exist, and yet it was not always this way.""

You can find the review here and find out more about the book at Crutches for Ducks