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Monday, 23 November 2020

A Waggy Dog Story!

 I usually aim to have a book ready to publish in time for Christmas and this year is no exception.  However, there are a few exceptions to the norm this year (well, there would be, this being 2020 and everything).

Firstly, the book this year is available in paperback only (so it makes a great stocking-filler present, always assuming you want your stockings filled?) Secondly, it's a collection of fictional short stories, as opposed to my usual diet of humorous nostalgia (which I call 'nostalgedy' even if no-one else does) and thirdly, this is a book aimed at children rather than adults (although I'm convinced that more than a few adults will enjoy the jokes and situations).

I think the simplest thing would be for me to quote from the book's blurb:

"A collection of amusing and heart-warming stories about Packham and India, the two dogs at TURN Education. Although written for children, we strongly expect quite a few adults will enjoy the jokes and situations that arise as Packham and India try to make sense of their world. Starting from when India was just a puppy and learning the ropes (although she always had the measure of Packham) through to them moving to the smallholding where they, and the rest of the animals, now live. Finally, coming up to date and introducing some familiar faces around TURN.

All profits from the sale of this collection go to TURN Education to help with their remarkable animal -related therapy work with children, young people and their families. 

Sadly, after a brief and entirely unexpected illness, Packham passed away just as this book was being finalised for publication. Caroline insisted that this book should still be published in memory of Packham and to celebrate his life, and the joy and love he brought to everyone who knew him. 

This is for Packham."

15 stories in 155 pages for just £4.99!  Makes a great Christmas present.  You can buy it from Amazon at and we would be delighted if you did BUT of the £4.99 cover price, Amazon take £4.25, which is fair enough as they do all of the printing and distribution, but doesn't leave a lot left to donate to TURN Education (you can find out more about TURN at  Whereas, if you buy directly from me, £2.40 per copy at least goes to TURN (the rest goes to Amazon).

To get your copy, email me at:

and, to prove that there are some things in this life that are free, follow the link below to see and hear me read the title story:

 A Waggy Dog Story



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