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Saturday, 25 June 2016

The P.S. to my P.S.

You know I said the last post would be my final one on this topic?  Well, I lied!

How about this for a scenario:

Assume that Article 50 hasn't been invoked yet and the Conservative Party hold their leadership election, whereby someone relatively uncontroversial such as Theresa May is elected.  She then announces that she believes she cannot govern the country in such tumultuous times without a clear mandate from the people and calls a snap election.  However, item 1 on her manifesto is that her party believes that the act of leaving the EU is so potentially damaging to British interests that her first action, on being elected, will be to ask Parliament to vote to ignore the result of the recent referendum (albeit with sops about pressing for further reform of the EU etc.).  Cue apoplexy from the Brexit camp with a swathe of votes transferring to Nigel Farage's UKIP mob, but this would probably not result in many more actual seats.  If we also assume that Labour's performance would be dire (as they seem to) then this would result in a Conservative majority with a new P.M. with a clear mandate to carry on as before.

What do you think?