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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

First review for my strawberry bull - and it's a belter!

Absolutely delighted with the first review of the new compilation of 'nostalgedy' stories:

"Giving a Bull Strawberries, a collection of stories from yesterday and today by Philip Whiteland is another comical adventure that had me giggling from the start. The author has no problem making fun of himself and loves to go for the laugh. This an entertaining escape that I had to pick this book up on release day. I have read the others in the series and couldn't help cracking up out loud with people looking on.

As always, I love the old photographs. I would call them 'vintage' but I don't wish to upset the photographer. They really bring the stories to life. Takes you back in time. Precious!

This book is a real treat and something I found comical and endearing. I am all for 'nostlagedy' and no better writer could do it so well. This is an adventurous ride I enjoyed taking.

Quote ~

I would dearly love to take a group of volunteers back to the 1970s and see how they would cope. I realise I would probably get arrested, but that isn't really my point. It's just so difficult, from today's perspective, to understand how totally disconnected we were then. No internet, no mobile phones, no computers and only the wealthy and aspiring had a telephone at home - and even that might be a party line (which was not as fun as it sounds)."

You can see the review, on both and, here:

Why not dip into the compilation and see what you think?

Giving a Bull Strawberries