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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jambalaya - what to expect

This is a brief excerpt from my book Jambalaya. It's a book that bears absolutely no resemblance to anything I normally write, and you either love this sort of thing or hate it. This is the hero talking to a chap who is currently his valet, for reasons to long and complex to explain:

“Quite reminds me of when I served back in the homeland, laying out the old dress uniform, sir.”

“Yes, Rivers, I’m sure. Remind me, who did you serve under?”

“Major Hugh Makemey-Pheal, sir. A fine man. All the men loved him, sir. Dressed for dinner every evening no matter where we were. I’d laid his dress uniform out that fateful night.” Rivers snuffled, “He’d taken a small party of chaps on a recce. None of them came back. It was quite a famous event in its time. Couldn’t be something futile but romantic like the Charge of the Light Brigade though, could it?” Rivers mused bitterly, “Oh no, Pheal’s Pholly they called it.”

“Crimea, Rivers?”

“I cried a river over Hugh.” Rivers sobbed, “Excuse me, sir, if you will.” He whimpered and ran out.

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P.S. (9th August, 2013) Ok, so it's not FREE any more, but let's face it, at 99p or equivalent it might as well be!  Dip in and see what you think, a bit of silliness might be just what you need right now :-)