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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Last giveaway competition for A Kick at the Pantry Door

Ok, absolutely the last giveaway competition. Three copies of the new book A Kick at the Pantry Door up for grabs if you can tell me the following (by comment please):

Burton upon Trent is the setting for my 'nostalgedy' compilations. Other than me (snigger) Burton has a number of claims to fame. Can you name an actor, b 1/11/34, best known for his role in the Onedin Line (see first picture above), a jazz drummer b 26/8/26 - d 13/10/72 who played with Jack Parnell (see picture 2) and a singer/songwriter b 11/8/54 who stepped out and said it was different for girls (picture 3)? 

Here are the final clues:  Picture 1 may have something in common with Sean Connery and Basildon, Picture 2 sounds like a nautical group (both Pictures 1 and 2 share my forename) and Picture 3 sounds like he should be part of the famous Five, but he isn't.

Competition is now closed.  The answers were: Philip Bond (Picture 1), Phil Seamen (Picture 2) and Joe Jackson (Picture 3)