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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jambalaya - Introducing Judge Garden

Allow me to introduce Judge Garden, the Head of the Garden household.  Actually, he comprises precisely one-third of the Garden household, along with his daughter Celany and their maidservant, Ulolulo and with two strong women like that about, even he isn't sure who's in charge.  Thankfully now retired from the Bench, Judge Garden had very clear ideas about the notion of justice.  Not for him any of this namby-pamby nonsense about people being innocent until proven guilty.  In his view, everyone is guilty of something, it's just a matter of finding out what.  He takes the concept of 'original sin' very seriously.

Nowadays he divides his time between torturing the garden and doing DIY around the house.  The end result of this activity is that most of the house now only exists in theory.  Following the collapse of the, aptly named, servants' quarters, Ulolulo has wisely decided against spending another night in there and now lives happily, but warily, in a hole in the grounds.  In fact, her name is a direct result of an encounter with a brand new electric bell push that the Judge had installed just before her arrival.  If you ask him nicely, he might just show you the ropes...which in his case are a collection of hangman's nooses.  He's rather proud of these and will happily recount the stories behind each one.  Pop in and see him in Jambalaya, he'll be glad to meet you.