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Friday, 18 May 2012

More Bye Definition

Some more slightly odd definitions, continued from Bye Definition:

sofa:  An approximate measurement of distance

settee:  Received Pronunciation version of the popular glove puppet

tome:  To be at one's own house

nappy:  To have a propensity for taking short periods of sleep

nappy-rash:  To have a propensity for taking short periods of sleep in the outside lane of the M25

pullover:  instruction from the police if inclined toward nappy-rash

jumper:  description of one who has received a pullover

bathroom:  room that rarely contains a bath, as opposed to...

Ba'athroom:  room for the use of a nationalist Arab political party

bathroom tiles:  materials for drying oneself in a bathroom (RP)

skirting board:  the act of avoiding paying one's living expenses

pillow:  the mood engendered by finding that the aspirin have all gone and someone's put the empty package back in the bathroom cabinet

matchless:  as for 'pillow' except the mood engendered by those evil people who put dead matches back in the box

stoned:  description of someone who is quite fit and muscular in appearance

gnat:  item of headgear