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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Another Modest Proposal

It seems to me that we've got this holiday thing all wrong in the U.K.

For example, just at the moment we are in one of those rare situations where the whole of the country is bathed in beautiful sunshine (cue complaining comment from someone in MidLothian with his own personal black cloud).  Right now, we're all beavering away and looking out of the window thinking "I really hope this lasts until Easter, when I can really enjoy it".  This is the triumph of hope over experience.  We know that it will remain gorgeous right up to the moment the kids break up from school, at which point the weather will go downhill big time, culminating in floods, fog, snow, ice and possibly tornadoes by the Easter weekend.

My proposal is this.  The UK weather is clearly too unpredictable for fixed holidays (or, alternatively, absolutely predictable in the sense that it will always do the reverse of what everyone wants).  Therefore, we should be able to call a holiday at a moment's notice, whenever the weather suits the holiday concerned.  I know the Tanker Drivers are ahead of me on this (oops, a little bit of politics there).

This would mean that we could have Easter right now.  Found a red hot summer's day? Great, let's have the Late Summer Bank Holiday.  Snow up to your armpits?  Clearly time for Christmas.  Planning for a family barbecue?  Don't plan, do it now!  Come on Britain, Carpe Diem!

Who's with me on this?

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