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Friday, 22 July 2011

Win a signed hard copy!

Heard about Steady Past Your Granny's?  The little book that's been a surprise hit on Kindle? I'm offering a signed hard copy of the book to the first correct answer, received by 31st July, 2011, to the following cryptic-ish question, the answers to which can be found in the book:

Take the name of the window cleaner's son, add it to mum's place of work to get a High Street name that sounds like it might be a good home for a psychopath, I sink? 

In the event of more than one correct entry, the first one drawn out of my rather disreputable hat will win the prize.  Post your entry as a Comment, which will only be published after the deadline. Good luck!

Well, this didn't exactly engender a stampede of contestants!  In fact, no entries were submitted so the signed copy lives to fight another day.  If you were remotely interested in the answer, it is as follws:

"Walter Smiths Family Butchers"

This is derived from Walter (window cleaner's son) Smiths (Smiths Refrigeration was the workplace of my mum) and I talked about the psychopathic overtones of being a Family Butcher in the chapter "I Sink Therefore I Swam".  Another competition to follow which will this time be based on the blog so that no-one has to purchase anything.